Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the world

Here is a map that I found online somewhere, while searching for a map of the world to hang in my kitchen to document my travels. Cheesy? Probably, yes.

(google images)

I like the color and that there is no differentiation between the countries. If I could have ordered this one instead of the one I found, I would have. I love that I would have had to approximate where to put the pins.

And here is the bedroom that I feel must have been inspired by this map, even though I know it wasn't, from one of my new favorite decor blogs, Shannon Fricke.

(shannon fricke)

Minus the ugly lamp and uselessly small side table, I think it might be my new dream bedroom. I've never seen a bed without a headboard look so polished. It's all about the color of the wall behind it that makes it look intentional rather than not being able to afford the desired headboard. And the empty picture frame!! I love it.

Speaking of home decor, I got my new camera yesterday (YIPEEEE!!!!) so I will be taking some photos of the apartment tomorrow, once I have cleaned and added some fresh flowers, and post them in my ode to poor Domino Magazine.

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