Thursday, February 12, 2009

inspiration for 2.12.09

I have not been posting recently for a few reasons: I was suddenly inspired to add to my portfolio, so I have been frantically working on that, I have lost motivation for the blog in general, I've been fighting the unemployment blues, and I've been working on other projects around the house (pics of those later).

So, here are some images I've collected in the past few weeks that have lifted my spirits a bit in this mildly (majorly) depressing time in my life.

photo credit:, the sartorialist, garance dore, the foxy man, eddie ross,,, stylesightings, amlu

My mom says a little bit of turquoise goes a long way. Obviously, I totally disagree.

The end...for now.

1 comment:

Carol Adams said...

I'm going to dig out my turquoise coat. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!