Thursday, February 26, 2009

bomb diggity

I was flipping through my March issue of Elle Magazine, silently analyzing the various fashion spreads, when I can across this one.

(scanned images from Elle Magazine)

I was thinking how it was by far the best one in the issue, and how her hair was amazing, and how I wanted that glittery, messy eyeliner, when it clicked. I remembered Darlene going to the desert on a shoot for Elle, and I was right when I guessed this was it. Of course, hers would be my fave. Stylist Sarah Richardson and photographer Richard Bush didn't do a bad job either. ; )
Yes, I just did a winky face.

It has also inspired my next haircut, that J. Marie has kindly agreed to do, as well as inspire me to get my super blond hair back, no more of this "natural looking" grow out for me. I want to be BLOND. Why is it that the word "blond" just doesn't look right to me without an "e" on the end, which is totally incorrect.

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