Monday, February 23, 2009

birthday weekend over

I had a super fun birthday weekend, my sister came down to visit, and we basically ate (while I simultaneously drank) our way around Los Angeles. As usual, I didn't take enough pictures, like slim to none, so all I really have are my memories...ahhhhhhhh.

We ate 2 delish meals and spent way too much time in the car on Friday at Ford's Filling Station - where we saw Luke Wilson!!!! - then at Canelé, which wasn't as good as the last time I ate there, but tasty none the less. I did get a ticket while at dinner, it is a pain that parking laws are completely different in every city within Greater Los Angeles, they really are the fastest way to throw money down the toilet. LAME.

Saturday, my actual b-day, was fab. We started the day with giant muffins from La Brea Bakery, papaya, coffee and PRESENTS!!!!! I got the one thing I really wanted, Ugg slippers - so glamorous, I know - plus some awesome surprises, most exciting was the CHANEL WALLET!!!! Now, I am officially a grown-up. Because only grown-ups have Chanel wallets, even when their mom buys them for them. Lunch and champagne at Blair's was followed by the best/worst pedi/manis and then it was time to get ready for the partay!

I had a lovely get together with my friends, with amaaaazing chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, tons and tons of champagne and macarons from Paulette and of course, failed to take any pictures of the festivities. But I did manage to take some photos of the apartment (well, living room) decked out in all it's festive glory. I will post them later.

We ended the weekend with lunch at Gingergrass, a trip to the fancy new Glendale mall, where we shopped (I tried on all the headbands at Crewcuts and finally decided on a belt to wear as a headband. Good thing little girls are so little, then I can wear their belts on my head), ate gelato and watched Shopaholic, then we finished the night by watching the last hour of the Oscars, which I found boring, while eating party leftovers. Where were all the famous people??? Where were Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, the Wilson brothers??? Why was Miley Cyrus there and not them???

I was very sad to drop my sister off at the airport this morning, but happy about our successful weekend. Instead of getting back into real life, I've spent the day snoozing and snacking. Real life starts on Tuesday.

I am now officially 24, and officially unemployed. If I am lucky, 24 will be as good as 22 and 23. Even though there were some rough patches in both those years, they have been a whirlwind of excitement, with world travel and lots of accomplishments, and full of learning curves. For the first time in my life I have been really comfortable and happy with myself, my choices and my surroundings. It is a good feeling. I just hope that it continues!

My only problem is that I cannot stop eating the cupcakes and cookies that are still in my fridge. It seem such a waste to throw such delicious things in the trash. But the size of my butt after a weekend full of drinking and desserts is beginning to concern me.

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