Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 day work week

Yay for me! I now have a job (internship) starting on Monday, 2 days a week. Yippee!!!! They even complimented my portfolio.

Here is what I wore. I thought I looked very stylish walking down Melrose Avenue, carrying my portfolio with my big sunglasses, reflected in the glass windows of stores. Do you ever wish you had a professional photographer following you around. Because, I mean, I can take a reflection pic myself, but the walking shot is just so much betters. Oh well, here are the living room self portraits. The second photo really looks like I'm not wearing anything underneath the dress. But I assure you, I am most definitely wearing a full slip. Those are not my bare boobs!

(Vena Cava dress, Abaco Paris belt, Mossimo Dutti jacket, unnamed cashmere scarf, Vince Camuto shoes, antique ivory (don't kill me) bracelet, vintage silver bracelet, and you cannot see it, but my lucky Eiffel Tower necklace)

I was telling my sister that good things are starting to happen, because she brought me back my Eiffel Tower necklace (the one that broke on my drive down here, causing all the doom that followed). But, maybe I just had to be patient. I'd rather give mad credit to the necklace though.

After a celebratory Pinkberry, for lunch, I went to Target for cat food, and left with a congratulatory necklace from the Erickson Beamon for Target collection.


I am dying over it. But, every time I look too closely I can see it's a bit of a piece of shit. But fab. So it cancels out the crap-ness. And I still want all the cocktail rings, which are totally amazing and impractical.

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Carol Adams said...

You diDn't . The Erickson Beamon necklace was just in the latest vogue--NOT a piece of shit. But still I'm thinking the target renditions look good from a distance.