Tuesday, February 17, 2009

mj, how do i love thee?

I went through a phase of really hating Marc Jacobs. It came after years of loving him and all his work. I think it happened right after my senior year of school; I just got sick of him and thought he was over exposed and extended and wasn't producing the quality of work that I had originally associated with him. Then I saw the Fall 2008 Louis Vuitton show in Paris, with the platform shoes and the crazy hats, and watched the documentary Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton and I changed my tune. He re-inspired me to want to design again, after really really wanting to take another direction with my career (who knows if design is where I will end up at this point, but whatevs). Whatever slump I thought he was in, he is out of.


I love how he keeps things playful and young, and that it's a totally different direction from last season and the American Rhapsody business - that was totally genius - it's happy and fun. And I def see Lady Gaga in that pink hooded coat with the sunglasses. I wonder what he was listening to when he put this collection together???

Now I am off to the DMV to make myself a more official California resident, for now, at least.

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