Wednesday, February 4, 2009

drinks at the gold room

I met my old friend Cory for drinks last night. After out last outing together to all the bars that are within walking distance, we both agreed that the Gold Room was by far the best. We came to this decision partially based on the fact that they Gold Room Special is a beer - I'm pretty sure it's PBR - and a shot of tequila for 4 dollars, as well as the fact that the DB factor seemed to be less than that of Little Joy or Short Stop. I now have more reason to love this funny little dive bar on Sunset. Not only do they slap down a basket of peanuts when you order, they also have free chicken tacos. FREE TACOS?!!?! It gets better, as we were sitting at the bar, mariachi band walked in. All that's missing is a dance floor. Basically, it was amazing. If I had more self control when I went to bars, I might just become a regular there.

This is what I wore, nothing fancy:

L.A. Eyeworks glasses, Thakoon for Target t-shirt, tattered Cheap Monday Jeans, Urban Outfitters studdy belt, Gaspard Yurkievich heels.

God, could I look more gloomy?? Actually not one of my best outfits. Oh well, I just really wanted to wear those shoes, as they are so so so freaking comfortable, and thought the holey jeans would make them more appropriate for the dirty hipster bar. This is what happens when I start to worry about what other people think of my clothes, I end up looking silly.

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Carol Adams said...

I really want to see your shoes but the dark floor makes it hard to see them. Rats!!!