Monday, February 23, 2009

living room

Here is my living room in all it's glory.

You can tell I haven't lived here for too long, because the stack of magazines is rather small, and they have yet to start taking over the entire apartment. The Chesterfield couch was found on Craigslist with a matching chair that is in my bedroom, from a kooky lady that was moving to the Middle East. The coffee table is CB2 and the fuzzy rug is something that my mom has had for years and tried and tried in vain to put in my bedroom, but never had much success. I think it looks great, but that thing sheds like crazy. If my cat didn't love it so much, I might not have the patience for it. The wicker screen behind the couch covers the oddly placed heater. It covers the ugliness, but makes the heater quite ineffective.

I am especially proud of my zebra pouf. I made the slip cover myself, and thinks it adds that touch of animal print that the room was screaming for.

As you can probably tell, I am (was) a huge fan of Domino Magazine. Unfortunately for me, decorating doesn't come totally naturally to me, I have to search for inspiring images, and Domino was packed full of them.

The pink chair I brought from home, and the Air France poster from Kate's GM that took me 5 years to get framed.

My Ikea bookshelf with it's tchotchkes and photos and THE Tim Walker book. Eventually some photos will make it into my bedroom, but no shelving in there, means no place to put them. So for now, it is my shrine to my family and friends.

My desk and drawers from CB2, a Milton Wilson chair I brought from my parent's house and my ever changing wall of inspiration. My sister suggested I frame a huge piece of wallpaper and hang it above the desk. I think that might be super fun!

You can see the corner of my uselessly small TV in the last photo. I know I need to upgrade, but there are things I want more than a very small and very expensive flat screen TV. Alexa says I need to get some opera glasses, especially when there is something on TV that require reading. I'll make due with squinting for now.

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Carol Adams said...

I especiaaly like the pink chair the the air France pic. Congratulations yr place is fabulicious!!