Thursday, February 19, 2009

oooh, i absolutely love this

I've never been too into Richard Chai, in fact, I cant remember ever looking at his collections. But I am in LOVE with his collection he presented in NYC yesterday. The leather jackets are to DIE for and the plaid dresses??? I would like look number 1 please, including the tights and shoes, thankyouverymuch and chargeitplease!


Even he has great style. Love the unlaced, brown Timberland's with the gray pants. I did browse his previous collections after this one caught my attention, and they are all pretty bad-ass. This guy knows how to do some pretty fab tailored pants for the ladies. And his shoes, let's not forget how rad they are too.

Also, Proenza Schouler really disappointed after their Pre-Fall collection that was absolute perfection. As I said before, they really do flip flop between a young client and a more matronly one. I don't even know if you could consider this collection matronly, but it is certainly not young and fresh like the previous one. COME ON GUYS!!!! You know how I struggle with you! Get it right!

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