Friday, February 27, 2009

ermanno scervino, i'm sort of obsessed with you

I was browsing the Milan shows, and came across a name I'd never heard before. The Ermanno Scervino show is a funny mix of bad-ass boots and party dresses with rad jackets and cheesy charmeuse red carpet dresses. This weird combination can be found a lot in Milan; as much as the Italians are the masters of tailoring, they have a major cheese factor, especially with the lesser known brands. But when you take out the cheesy and not very well done red carpet dresses you are left with some awesome tailored winter coats and hot hot dresses. And let's not forget those boots.


I know the combination of puffer jacket and fancy dress has been done before, but these puffer jackets are just too cool. And I might just have to kill someone to get one of those knit collared coats.

Off to be crafty with some ladies! Michael's here we come!!!

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