Monday, January 19, 2009

proenza schouler pre-fall

This is the last Pre-Fall posting, I swear. But, I had to write about Proenza Schouler, because I have an ongoing struggle with them, where my opinion is constantly changing. Then I saw how GOOD this collection was, and wished I hadn't posted half of the others that I did.

Since they started, I have always been slightly envious of their success and talent; I couldn't help thinking "GDMF!!!! Another Parson's Grad???" But, beyond my initial impression, I don't have a consistent opinion of them. These boys tend to switch back and forth from designing for the young, stylish girls that they surround themselves with to producing collections for the middle-aged Upper East Sider's who can afford their clothes. Just compare their bandage skirt collection from Spring 2007 to their following collection for Fall 2007. Since then, they seem to have found a middle ground that could appeal to both groups, or really the stylish 30 somethings that rule the fashion industry; this can be seen in their Fall 2008 collection.

As for THIS collection, it is once again designed for the Hot Young Things.

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There is something so VERY French about it. The layers of neutrals - mixing black, brown, white, navy and stripes is just SO very French - the slouchy chic, the black tights, the leather jackets. And those BOOTS. Especially those grey lace ups. What makes this collection thoroughly American, is the use of sparkle and shine, through the sequins and textured leather; it's that hi-low mix.

I basically want to be this woman. The slouchy, yet totally tailored clothes, the hot shoes and Hanne's hair is just perfection. I might just have to grow out my bangs. I would like think, this is how I dressed while living in Paris, and maybe that is why the collection appealed to me so much. It's got that Isabel Marant/Vanessa Bruno je ne sais quoi that I love so much.

Now, I must get off the computer and watch the inauguration. OMG!!!!!

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