Wednesday, January 21, 2009

philippe starck louis (lou lou) chair

I was going through my new Domino: The Book of Decoration, which is basically every one of my favorite photo shoots from the magazine bound in a book with a decorating dictionary, when I saw the cutest/coolest chair. It was clear plastic with a tint of pink in a modern take on a classic french chair. When I showed it to my friend Juan, he said something along the lines of "Oh yeah, those are great. I cant remember who makes them, but they are super expensive." He wasn't kidding.

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Turns out the chair I was so lusting over was the Philippe Starck "Lou Lou" chair, the kids version of the very famous, and très cher "Louis" chair. I found both versions on the Hive Modern website, which happens to be a Portland store, that has been in the Pearl since before it was mainstream. I am seriously considering if the child's chair would work for adults, as it it $133 compared to the adult version that is $410! Eek!

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