Friday, January 30, 2009

dinner at gingergrass

I was dyyyyyying for some pho this past week, and lucky for me Juan was easy to convince to join me. We drove past Pho Cafe on Sunset, and I decided it would be better to go to Gingergrass on Glendale Boulevard instead, because I was jonesing for one of their fancy mimosas. We both got the pho, and I got a delicious mimosa with blood orange and lychee while Juan got the most amazing drink ever: limeade mixed with - if I remember correctly - one of the cheapest Vietnamese beers out there. It was so tasty. Like a Corona with a sugary lime, and served on ice with a straw.

And this is what I wore today and out to dinner:

Old Navy striped t-shirt (I cut the hood off), J. Crew v-neck, Isabel Marant skirt, L'Autre Chose leopard flats.

I was channelling my inner French Girl, and added my leather jacket and a floral scarf when I went out. Can you tell I cut my own bangs the other day??? I think they might be a little out of control. Whoops.

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Carol Adams said...

Yr hair is getting long and you look great appear happier. Wow you look great. Now let's see pics of your place.