Wednesday, January 21, 2009

pendleton teams with opening ceremony???

Who would have thought, right? Old school wool and blanket company Pendelton, from Oregon, is teaming up with boutique and design collaborator Opening Ceremony with a capsule collection for both men and women. I know hipsters have been hording vintage Pendelton shirts since the days when Rock-a-Billy was the hipster of choice. But as the hipsters keep taking over the world, they keep making more money - hence the progressively more expensive and fancy designer clothes.

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I'm not super into the girls looks - the skirts especially - but they do have an Isabel Marant-eqsue feeling to them, so I can't help but like them a little bit. I am loving the turquoise/blue plaid blazer that the dude is sporting, OMG so cute, I would wear it.

I did see a picture of some random and probably undeserving "it" girl sporting a small bag from the collection that definitely appealed to me though. I am also wondering if they will have some great coats, I can just imagine how cool they could be if done correctly. Big shawl collars, belted waist, and narrow sleeves in the turque plaid or the Indian blanket print...can't you see it???

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