Wednesday, January 21, 2009

fabruary vogue

I have not been American Vogue's biggest fan in the past few years, regularly devouring British Vogue while quickly flipping through their American counterpart, but I've noticed a big improvement recently. Maybe it has to do with that article "Why Vogue Sucks" (or something like that) by Cathy Horn, published in the New York Times.

February was a refreshing improvement - minus the fact that almost every article focused on the recession - full of pretty editorial and good clothes. The Steven Meisel shoot was him at his best, pretty girls in soft light, lounging around or acting silly.

Then there was the little feature with Agyness Deyn (who, I must admit, bugs the hell out of me - but maybe it's just her hair) and her fiance Albert Hammond Jr. of the Strokes (my absolute FAVORITE band). It was so cute and sweet; I wanted to barf with every new picture.

photo credit: vogue

As for the cover shoot and story, here is what I think. We all know that Blake Lively is gorgeous, seriously beautiful. But, how tired are you of seeing her as a pin-up/bombshell. We get it! She is curvy with beautiful blond hair; give us something different!

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