Thursday, November 27, 2008

j. crew, keeps getting better

Not everyone knows this, but I am sort of obsessed with J. Crew. I would move to NYC to work for them. I used to make serious fun of my sister for basically being a walking billboard for the brand, while secretly buying a few things here and there, but since I moved back from Paris I have come to realize just how great they are.

I think it all started with the appointment of Jenna Lyons as the creative director, who is young, pretty and stylish, just what they needed to revamp the brand. Since she arrived, every season has been getting better and better. Although, I must say I would do a much better job styling the catalogue, what is with all the strange monochromatic outfits anyway?

Check this out. I was browsing the Holiday catalogue and found this skirt.

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Ummmm, Miu Miu anyone??? I thought, good on J. Crew. Because, A. it really is a beautiful detail, bless Ms. Prada for thinking of the ascending sequins (has anyone else noticed that it is being used in the Prada accessories this season? Way to keep the love of sparkle alive Miuccia!). B. The average bear is not really going to see the reference, and just think it is pretty, while the fashion savvy will probs see it, recognize it, and love it too. And C. who can resist sequins anyway??? We all know I can't.

Also, while I was searching the interweb for Ms. Lyon's info, I came across this blog. Who knew people's love for the Crew ran so deep? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the DIY jacket in the most recent post though, and I have to agree that it is more beautiful than the original J. Crew version.

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Carol Adams said...

I know!!!! That jacket the DIYis so cute.! We should make one and all share it!!!