Monday, November 10, 2008

canelé...more food.

So, I've been in LA since Wednesday afternoon. Most of the time has been spent driving around, buying things for my apartment that I've owned before and decided to sell when I moved to France, trying not to get annoyed for no reason with my wonderful mother who so lovingly helped me move, cleaning my soon to be former gross apartment and killing bugs. Finally, on Saturday, after some okay but slightly depressing meals, my mom and I met Darlene and her fiancé Jeff for dinner and much needed social interaction at Canelé in Atwater Village.

This restaurant got it all right...except for the extremely long wait to be seated, but in the end even that was pleasant and worth it. While you wait, you are taken care of by and extremely stylish hostess, who brings you wine in classic, faceted bistrot glasses. No stemware at this restaurant. The menu is written on a chalk board, à la classic French cafes, and it includes such delicious options as boeuf bourguignon, fruit de mer stew, steak frites and a long list of tasty salads.

The music was spot on, they had someone's well stocked i-pod on shuffle. The music was so good, that Jeff got up from the table to ask the hostess what was playing...It was nice to spend time with Darlene and Jeff, and to have him meet my mom. We finished with flan and coffee and parted ways.

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