Tuesday, November 18, 2008

best deal ever

I braved the Glendale Galleria yesterday to go to target for some moving supplies, but more fun, to visit Forever 21 in search of the amazing necklace that the hostess was wearing at Canelé. Alas, the daily turn over there prevented me from finding the perfect Tom Binn's esque neckace (my loathing of knock offs comes and goes with the balance in my checking account) but I did try on a couple cute pair of shoes. Since, I'm still living out of a suitcase, due to my horrible housing situation, I have very limited clothing options. I can deal with wearing jeans and t-shirts all the time, it's the shoe sitch that is really killing me. I packed one pair each of flip-flops, ballet flats and sneaks. So, I decided to get a quick fix and took these Miu Miu ish oxfords to the register.

I was prepared to pay the 40 dollar price tag, but when they rang me up she told me they were 7.95! They might as well have given them to me!

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