Monday, November 24, 2008

oh, mother...

Today I showed my mom a tear sheet of a slip with ostrich feathers around the bottom that I would wear as a skirt, and said something along the lines of "Oh my GOD, isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen! I would LOVE to wear that!" And she responded "I would never in a MILLION years guess that you would want to wear that. I can never tell what you are going to like or not like, your style is so personal and you are such an artist with the way you dress that I can never guess what you will like or not like." At first I thought she thought what I was showing her was ugly, but in fact she just really has no idea what I'm going to like. You would never guess from the way I dress on a day to day basis, but I guess my style is ALL over the map.

Here is the slip.

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Isn't it DARLING??!!?!?!?! OMFG, I LOVE it. The tear sheet image is better, not so bleached out, but as of now I have no scanner...Santa??? I prefer the one with the black band and feathers. It would look great with black tights and a black sweater. Another DIY project to add to the list.

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