Wednesday, November 19, 2008

totally stoked about: thakoon for target

I have to admit, I haven't been consistently impressed with the Go International for Target collaborations. Go International is a program where Target features mini, limited edition collections from young and emerging designers from around the world. I give them major street cred for doing it at all, but they never really compare to the H&M designer collaborations in creativity or quality. That is not to say that they are not choosing good designers, I think it was pretty genius to bring in Luella Bartley, Rogan Gregory and Jonathon Saunders among others. But, of all the things I bought from that original collection with Luella (and I bought a lot, shopping high = buyers remorse) I still own 3 dresses, none of which i have ever worn. I'm pretty sure the tags are still on them. The Rogan collection was great though, understated and basic with a twist, similar to Rogan's high end eponymous line, not to mention there was very little color involved. AND they brought organic cotton to the masses, even if it was for a limited time. I bought 2 dresses, silk animal print with cotton jersey panel down the center back, and have worn them continually all summer. Just goes to show that high/low designer/mass market pairings tend to be hit or miss.

I digress. Thakoon Panichgul is the next designer lined up. After his Spring 2009 collection with the awesome rose print with female legs instead of stems, the eyelashes and the surreal, so great, I am stoked on him. From what I have seen in the various photos, there are going to be a few great pieces. This collection isn't going to be about the silhouettes, its going to be about the ethnic batik prints, although these don't quite compare to his RTW prints, they will def please! Basic silhouettes with bright and fabulous prints. The blue and white tie dyed/batik t-shirt is killer. If only i could find that swipe I pulled of it!

Here are a few of my other faves:

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