Saturday, November 22, 2008

totally stoked about: miu miu sequined pumps

Omg. I saw these at Barneys yesterday and nearly fainted. They are just about the most beautiful pumps I have ever seen. Never mind I am a sucker for anything that sparkles. These are just too good to be true.

photo credit: barneys new york

Everything about them is perfect. Just look how the sequins get smaller, to the size of ants practically, as they move down to the toes and the heels. And the grayish color looks like a smokey lavender depending on the light... They have the perfect amount of toe cleavage AND that great roundish-pointy heal. AHK!

The silly salesman, who was oh so clueless, said something to me about how they would look great with the perfect outfit. Um yeah, little does he know I would rock those with black jeans, t-shirt, blazer or leather jacket and scarf (my uniform) as well as the obvious party dress. But seriously, how often do I get to wear party dresses??? Not often enough, that is fo shiz.

Unfortunately, even their sale price is more than I have to my name, and I still need to buy a couch...I hate priorities! I plan on waiting, and hoping my size or something near it will still be available, till I can find them for under 3oo dollars. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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