Saturday, November 8, 2008

brunch at beast

I decided that Beast was probably the best possible location for my going away meal with my family. What with it's write up in Elle Magazine and various recommendations from friends and acquaintances, I thought it was a must. It is tucked in what I assume is an up and coming neighborhood in NE on 30th. I say up and coming because now they have Beast, other great things are sure to follow. Ironically it is right across the street from In Defense of Animals...

Because it is oh so popular, we could only get in for Sunday brunch. A wonderful 4 course midday meal paired with, in our case, lots of champagne. They offer specially picked wine pairings with every course, but I had my mind set on champagne...duh. Also, I was pleased when I saw that the coffee was made to order, French press.

The menu...front and back.

I was joined by my mom and dad, brook and Portland and Kate. We had a lovely time, and all of us enjoyed every detail and every bite!

Me, Kate and Portland,
For some reason we all look slightly...special...I think you can see how tired I was from moving/packing and how stressed/sad I was about leaving the next day : (

Brook, Dad and Mom.

It was HANDS DOWN the best meal I have eaten in AGES.

Brown butter crepes, maple bourbon hard sauce, apple butter and candied hazelnuts
with candied bacon and whipped cream.

The best poached egg that chef Naomi Pomoroy has ever made.
Spoken by the chef herself. I saw her tell the server to give it specifically to my mother. When she saw me taking pictures of my plate, she came and told me to take picture of the worthy one!

Pork cheek hash, Heirloom apples, Brussels sprouts, cipollini onions,
poached farm egg and Hollandaise.

Selection of Steve's cheese's, Gathering Together greens and poached apricots.

I got too excited when the dessert came, and failed to take a picture of it. But, you can imagine the smallest, cutest pumpkin and caramel tart with wildflower honey ice cream. SO delicious. All the servings were just the right size, and so so so tasty and well thought out. The restaurant is run entirely by women, and the entire atmosphere is very intimate, with limited seating. All the hype is very well deserved!!!!

It was a very nice meal, spent with my family and best/oldest friend!!!! The perfect goodbye brunch!!!!

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yummy + great to see the whole family :)