Friday, November 14, 2008

comme des garçons for h&m

Thursday was a big day. Not only was it Darlene's birthday, but it was the opening of Comme Des Garçons for H&M. I figured it was the perfect activity to celebrate Darlene's birthday, even if it meant getting out of bed at 7 am. I was prepared for crowds and lines, but when we drove past H&M on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, we were shocked to see that the store was already open. Darlene's research for the day was an hour off. Instead of taking the time to look for a parking spot, we sped into the lot and ran upstairs. Our worst fears came true, as we saw that everything had been picked over, and it was only 9:30, and all that was left were the oxford shirts and itchy sweaters with a few of the better pieces in extremely large or small sizes. I managed to find the wool and velvet dress with the scalloped hem and cut out back in my size and proceeded to the dressing room line. While I was waiting, I was watching various dedicated customers, who must have arrived at the butt crack of dawn, sort through their loot and make their final purchase decisions. I was watching one man in particular, who was inspecting a pair of the elastic waist drop crotch genie pants. Much to my amusement, he tried to get them on over his large shoes, but to no avail! I swear, the room went into slow motion as he folded the pants up and set them onto a display table and walked away. I got out of the line SO fast and yoinked those babies up! Even luckier, they were a size close enough to mine that I KNEW they would fit. I got back into the dressing room line and waited for ages to try my finds on. The dress was strange, but the pants were PERFECTION. Done and done.

Since I am living out of a suitcase, while my housing situation gets dealt with, I had few options to try with my pants. I managed to find a slim black t-shirt and my pyramid studded belt. Alas, I have no heels with me at the moment...Please pardon the picture quality, as I used my i-phone.

The great thing is, they are like 2 pairs of pants in one. If i push up the legs, it gives the impression of wearing a long bubble skirt and leggings, much more harem-ish, while if I leave the legs down they have a more slouchy men's wear tailored thing going on. I will be sure to post some outfits with them, once I am settled with all my belongings at my new, pest free apartment!

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