Tuesday, December 9, 2008

moving in

So, I've pretty much done nothing for the last 5 days other than move into my apartment. I've been living here, furniture and clothing free for just over 2 weeks, but I couldn't stand it any longer and decided waiting for my giant moving box to arrive just wasn't going to happen. Saturday, I rented a U-haul, bribed some friends with lunch and champagne and the promise to continue being such a fabulous friend, and got my things from the storage facility and MOVED IN!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to see my stuff that I jumped up and down squealing and clapping. But that really isn't too far off my normal behavior. I was actually more excited to have all my clothes than to sleep in a real bed, I'm so sick of the sight of those jeans, ballet flats and t-shirts that I've worn for the last month, not to mention that ugly suitcase! Although sleeping on the new mattress that was amaaaaaazing, it was the first thing I set up. It is much easier to sleep in when your bed is basically a giant, fluffy pillow. The second thing I set up was the TV, which could have been a major mistake...I forgot what it's like to have access to a TV that isn't in the middle of a crowded house full of people and dogs. And apparently, basic cable includes many more stations than it used to. It might be ruling my life at the moment. Whoops.

I also had my ADORABLE tufted, pink vintage couch and matching chair delivered on Monday, which I promptly cleaned, it was definitely my workout for the day. All I need is a dresser to put all of my clothes in...Pictures will def follow once all the clothes are put away. Because of the unpacking (I am now officially cardboard box free, btw) I have done nothing interesting, productive (beyond unpacking) or fashion-y since Friday. I will be getting back into my daily groove of job hunting and spending all my unemployed time on the Internet today.

My apartment is going to be so f-ing cute, sophisticated and feminine, that boys are going to barf from all the pink and Domino Magazine is going to feature it on their website. BOOYA!

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Carol Adams said...

can't wait for some pics!!!!