Sunday, March 1, 2009


Suddenly my life has gotten busy, and I cannot be more happy about it. I feel like I've been running around nonstop since Wednesday. YAY!!!!

After a Friday night of bar hoping, which led us to the conclusion that only the Gold Room is any good on the weekends, and that the cool kids don't stand in line, I spent my Saturday eating my way around the city. I seem to have developed a new weekend formula.

I went to lunch with Alexa, who finally returned from her European adventures at Alegria, where I had their amazing Huevos Rancheros. For those of you who I told I would never eat Huevos Rancheros again, because of my negative association with the word "huevos", I obviously lied. I cannot resist the goodness that is Mexican food with a fried egg on top. I also got a papaya and lemon smoothie thing that was delish. It was really nice to catch up with Alexa, whom I so missed while she was away, and to live vicariously through her Europe trip. We stopped by The Fix after lunch, where I got a cookie and coffee, which was totally unnecessary after I CLEANED my plate at Alegria.

(Thakoon for Target dress, Mother's belt from back in the day, Sigerson Morrison flats)

After napping off my food coma and re-grooming myself, I met my cousin and her BF and some of their friends for dinner at The Bowery on Sunset. I had read/heard about it a million times, and the fact that they are supposed to have the best burgers in LA. Katie and I shared the sliders, which were, in fact, very tasty. I don't know if they beat the Racquet Club's sliders, but maybe it is nostalgia that makes me say that. 2 of our dinner mates got the burger, which comes on an English Muffin. They both seemed very pleased with that concept, but I remain skeptical. I will have to go back and experience their burger another time, as the sliders came with regular hamburger buns. I think it is safe to say, I did a little bit of binge eating yesterday. Whoops. It was lovely to see Katie and Jerod though, and I promised to go visit them in Manhattan beach on a Friday and spend the evening with them after a relaxing day at the beach. I wish I could have been more fun and stayed out later with them, but I had to behave and be ready for the photo shoot today!

(Vena Cava dress, Vanessa Bruno blazer, Costume National shoes, Abaco purse, antique bracelet)

I was super excited about my outfit, BTW, because this is one of my dresses I got at the Barney's Warehouse sale. As for the shoes, I bought them years ago at Halo and never wore them - to young and not sophisticated enough to wear all the beautiful clothes I owned - but have recently rediscovered them,and have gotten quite a lot of wear out of them in the past few months. If I had dates to go on, this would be the outfit. The photo is awfully dark, but the fabric is beautiful. That is what those girls do best, interesting silk prints made into pretty date dresses!

As for the photo shoot...It was so fun. I don't know why I ever doubted wanting to be a stylist; it is like playing dolls with humans! I have lots of photos and more stories to tell, but will have to post about it later. I must rest for my big day tomorrow, first day of the internship!

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