Monday, March 9, 2009


My trip to San Francisco was filled with lots of the usual activities that I enjoy while travelling: drinking, eating, shopping, and museums.

Friday was a blur, we ate and bar hopped and ended the night at a crazy punk bar. I had no idea there are so many kids under 30 who are "punks" in this day and age. A few weeks ago I saw a punk couple at Cha Cha Lounge with The Darlings, and we couldn't stop staring they were so out of place. I started to get nervous when I noticed how many random dogs were wandering around the bar. Scary.

Saturday started off with Shane's AMAZING buttermilk pancakes - we were sneaky and made him promise before we went to bed the night before. After the pancakes Katie and I left for our girly day of museums, eating and shopping.

We started with the de Young Museum, which featured the YSL tribute show. I am sad to say, I was not too impressed. The first room was filled with really beautiful pieces, mostly Le Smoking or other black tie, black garments. But the rest of the show was sort of a mish mash, with too many of this or too little of that. I'm glad I saw it, but I was underwhelmed. A pleasant surprise came with the Warhol Live show that was going on downstairs at the museum. It was all about his participation in the music industry throughout his career. I had no idea how many album covers, beyond The Velvet Underground and Nico, that he really did. I am always happy after I see some Warhol. We ended the day with some food, coffee and shopping, see previous post about the impulse shoe buy.

Before the partay in my honor, we got some delicious pizza at Delphina Pizzaria and participated in some sidewalk wine drinking. Eating delicious and fancy pizza reminds me how there is really no place to get such a thing in LA, and it makes me MAD!

The rest of the night is a blur, and I had to wake up way too early the next day to catch my flight back to LA.

Thanks Shane and Katie for such a fun weekend!

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Anonymous said...

yayyyyyy!! thanks so much for coming!! it was a REALLY fun weekend. hopefully we will be there soon, so you can host us!!! love kt.