Wednesday, December 10, 2008

pre-fall collections

Since when are the Pre-Fall presentations full on runway shows???? This is definitely a new thing, because I was not sending out show requests for the Pre-Fall/Resort collections when I was in Paris. It makes sense that the designers are putting more press into these collections, as they are in the stores longer and sell more than the regular collections due to that time in the stores as well as the looks tend to be simpler and easier for the average customer to digest. But it just all seems awfully excessive to me. When is it going to stop? I know this has been said before by more important people, but next thing we all know, there are going to be collections between Pre-Fall and Fall.

Chanel had a fancy set, snazzy hair/headdresses and 66 Russian doll looks! I doubt this was Mr. Lagerfeld's intention, but with the holiday season it made me think of the Nutcracker (mixed with Starwars).

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As always, the above the knee, leather boots are flawless and swoon worthy, especially paired with the frilly, ruffled sweater dress. I love that they have become a staple in the Chanel collections. They are going to go down in Chanel history with the tweed suit and the quilted bags. Some of those looks were for men, all of the men's looks failed to impress me. For some reason the men's look for the Lagerfeld collection are great, but the Chanel looks never seem accessible, and the only man I can really see them in are Karl himself. The most amazing thing about the Chanel presentation is that you know Karl Lagerfeld doesn't really have a design team, he does most of everything himself, while the other designers putting out these in between collections have a million minions working with them to put out these extra looks...

Zac Posen sent down 22 femme fatale looks, in what looks to be a speak-easy. The leopard print fur and fringe brought to mind Lauren Becall from the Bogie days.

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We all know my obsession with leopard print. But OMG!!!!!!!!!! They are amazing. It's been a really long time since I've been at all into anything that Zac Posen has done, but he has a fan in me again. Note how annoyed the press looks. They are like, GDMF! I HAVE A MAGAZINE TO PUBLISH!

Doo.Ri presented a concise collection of feminine tailoring. My favorite being the first look with the sheer, beaded tank and the ruffle waistband trousers. It's a funny mix of sexy and edgy (top half and shoes) and ladies who lunch (trousers).

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Other designers who put on Pre-Fall presentations worth mentioning were Calvin Klein, Burberry Prorsum, and Narciso Rodriguez.

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karl makes me want to dig out my long quilted l of l quilted coat plus the forcasted Ice age due this wkend