Wednesday, December 10, 2008

tights, tights, tights

I received an email from my mom yesterday, requesting some suggestions for different tights to wear with her bright pink Marni dress. Since I no longer have immediate access to the best hosiery department ever that takes up a total of 3 rooms, at Le Bon Marché (a.k.a. the Mother Ship) I proceeded to do some online research. Oh, how I LOVE the Internet.

These were the options that I found that I thought we look cute with the bright bright pink dress, and were equally mom appropriate.

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After I researched on my own, I noticed that Susie had written about tights too. She led me to the NYTimes editorial, which featured these glorious Bestey Johnson heart tights. So cute, no?? I have searched far and wide and cannot find them in black, only red and white. The red is fun, but I'm far less likely to wear them than the black, and the white sort of looks like a funny skin disorder from far away. I am torn though, and might just get them anyway.

Also loved these Agent Provocateur tights stay-up thigh highs, though I would never wear them.

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I am also looking for the perfect pair of lace stockings. When I was little, my mom bought me some really beautiful lace stockings in black and baby pink. I remember she made a point to tell me they were stockings and not tights, and she taught me how to put them on properly by rolling them up from my feet, one leg at a time rather than stuffing both my legs in as I would have done with my cotton tights. With these pretty lace tights she couldn't lift me by the waist band to make sure they were pulled up high enough and the crotch wouldn't slide down to my knees!!! What I would give to have them now in my size!

Though I didn't find the perfect lace tights, I might have found an adequate alternative at Urban Outfitters.

I also found these puppies, a very clear Chanel knock off, except for the fact that the Chanel stockings have a lace front instead of a sheer one. I can't decide what I think of the two tone on one leg thing, especially because I have a distinct memory of Godfrey and Marcus discussing them after the Chanel show (that I MISSED) how unattractive they were and how they made the model's spindly legs look fat. What would they do to mine then?
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They are cool though. Too bad I live in the land of eternal Summer now, I'll probably just ignore the fact that it is too warm for tights and sport them anyway.

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