Friday, December 19, 2008

ladurée = cookie love

I don't think it is really fair to call Ladurée macarons cookies, but that is probably the closest equivalent. In reality, Ladurée macarons (macaroons to some) are 2 small pieces of tender yet crunchy flavored cakes sandwiched with the creamiest of filling. They come in every flavor imaginable and all taste like little pieces of heaven. When you enter into one of their stores, you get to pick and choose from the hundreds of macarons spread out in front of you, in a rainbow of the prettiest colors, and then they are put in the sweetest of green boxes with gold foil detail. You cannot help but feel like Marie Antoinette when you eat them.

My sister and I were reminiscing about Paris the other day, while I was sitting in bed in Los Angeles and she in hers in Portland. I told her how I had been going through my daily blogs and saw that Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl had made a trip to Versailles and brought along Ladurée macarons and some other beautiful pastries from their store. And since we are both obsessed with the Sophia Coppola film Marie Antoinette and Ladurée macarons we found it amazing that we hadn't thought of that ourselves! Part of the problem is that both times she came to visit me in Paris, it was the dead of winter, so traipsing through the grass in the gardens of Versailles with macarons and a bottle of champagne was just sort of out of the question. But we did promise each other that the next time we are in Paris, we will make the trip, baby and all!

I've never really had anything other than their macarons, but I found this on the website, and thought wouldn't that be the most amazing wedding cake ever?

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And the name makes it all the more enticing. L'Entremet Marie-Antoinette.

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ToutEstLaMode said...

yum! miss those thangs. blog about what you got for xmas!! xx kate