Monday, April 6, 2009

stripes and polka dots

Last night, I got back to LA after a too short weekend visit home, and played host to my cousins who were visiting from there. We walked to El Compadre for some Mexican food, mariachi music and absolutely delicious margaritas then on to El Prado for some not so good wine but really great atmosphere and music - I felt like we were in the NW, it really had that vibe - then onto one last drink at The Gold Room. I am sad to say that my favorite bar might not be my favorite anymore, there was some awful performance going on that included the worst singer ever trying to crawl all over the booths and benches. We watched a group of regulars look at each other and leave 5 minutes into the performance. Although I think it's no longer chill or cool, Heidi and Doug were thoroughly entertained and that's all that really matters.

No Pants After Dark #11

(Thakoon for Target t-shirt, Target skirt, Zara belt, Christian Louboutin espadrilles, vintage jewellery)

Heidi pointed out that "No Pants After Dark" sounds really naughty. I can't believe I didn't think of that myself or that someone didn't say anything sooner! Oh well, too late. I think when I reach 20 on the blog, I will stop counting them, because it really has become habit to only wear dresses or skirts at night when I go out, which was my intention from the beginning.

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