Saturday, April 11, 2009


What do you call it when you have multiple things that are basically the same or have a common theme that brings them together? If they are really things, or tchotchkes, it's a collection. But what is it when those things are clothes and accessories, an obsession? Well, sort of, I guess. But I do like to consider myself a collector of clothes rather than a shopaholic, even if I am known as the latter to most of my friends and family. At one point I even planned on opening a store to sell all my treasures that I acquired over the years, but I soon realized that that idea just enabled my shopping addiction.


I've been collecting clothes for longer than anything else; it probably started when I got too old to play dress up with my dolls - at an embarrassingly late age, mind you. But dress-up is dress-up whether it is with dolls or people! My collections are not so much by garment - although I do have quite the collection of shoes, jeans and vintage dresses - but more by theme. I am just drawn to certain things. Usually because I like them and the way they look and the way they feel and the way they make me feel when I see them or wear them.

I've decided to start documenting these collections and the stories behind them, and how they started in a new series on this blog. I know I have been really bad about posting recently, but I promise I will follow through!


You Make Me Glow said...

i LOVEEEEEEEEE those shoes.

Sarah said...

Obsession makes it sound unhealthy, when really you have just cultivated a discernible eye for your tastes.

That makes it sound fancier than obsession, right?