Thursday, April 16, 2009

conde nast: kiss my ass

I received a little post card in the mail yesterday from the my dear deceased friend Domino Magazine. I was expecting to hear from them one of these days to reveal what magazine would be sent to their subscribers in its place. I had speculated with Darlene what the magazine would be, and concluded that it would be Allure. A totally useless publication that I only read at the nail salon or in the grocery line. I say useless, but I am not against breezing through it as long as I don't pay for it. Well, they did worse. Much to my chagrin, I will be receiving Glamour. I feel like it is a totally waste of paper to have it sent to me. I am thinking of cancelling the subscription, is that even possible? Barf. Conde Nast, you fail. FAIL.

RIP Dear Domino

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