Monday, April 6, 2009


One of the joys of going home is discovering something new from my mother's closet that she has recently found, forgotten about or grown tired of. Every time I go home, I find something that I can take with me. Often times it's something that I might have thought was butt ugly when she first got it, and couldn't understand why she spent so much money on it...

This trip yielded some great results, including this mesh tube dress from one of the ugliest brands ever, Lilith. I have now taken TWO Lilith pieces with me. Shocking, really. It had sleeves back in the day, but my mom cut them off. I sort of wish I had one that still had sleeves along with this altered version. It's great though, because it really goes down to my mid calves, but i can scrunch it up and give it texture and create the illusion of opacity. It's better than those American Apparel dresses that are tight and short, because the texture of the scrunching makes it less revealing.

I wore this out dancing and bar hopping with my friends in Portland. It wasn't exactly 80's Night appropriate, but it was definitely dancing appropriate.

No Pants After Dark #10

(Lilith tube dress, Isabel Marant plaid shirt/jacket, Abaco Paris belt, Loeffler Randall shoes, vintage jewellery)

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