Thursday, October 9, 2008

a new/old outfit

This is a shot of an outfit I wore out a couple of weeks ago. It was the tail end of the TBA (Time Based Art) Festival in Portland, thrown by PICA. My mom had been bugging me to go for ages, and it took till the last day of the show for me to be convinced. I am sad to say, the art show was a bust, but we did finish off the day by stopping by one of my fave stores Una (where I purchased the shirt worn below) for some browsing and chatting with store owner Giovanna. I tried on the amazing sweater vest, by Tom Scott, featured on the store's blog. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Una consistently has some of the most interesting inventory in all of Portland.

I bought these Dries Van Noten oxfords right when I got back from Asia in August at Halo, and called them my Back to School Splurge. Because no matter how old you are, you need to do back to school shopping in August/September! It took me a while to wear these guys, partly because summer lasted through September, and also because I couldn't really figure out how to wear them...

I think I did OK on my first try. J. Brand jeans, Gap Euro belt, Dries oxfords, Pour.Femme Shirt.

I'm still trying to find a good place to take outfit pictures in my house. It is awfully dark in every single room, and there are very few empty walls, as basically every single space is filled with art or (less cool) stuff. I'm thinking in front of the garage door is going to be the best bet, when it's not pouring down rain...Also, sorry about the blurry pics. I think it is time to upgrade cameras, as this one has travelled ALL over the world with me in the past year. It is a little worse for wear at this point, and it's showing in the picture quality!

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